Brexit Immigration Issues Confound as the US Economy Adds 287,000 Jobs

from Boom Bust

lass=”” >The top story: Payrolls in the United States climbed by 287,000 in the month of June 2016, exceeding even the highest estimates. And Theresa May, the UK PM frontrunner, has made some controversial statements. What will the next Prime Minister do about the immigration issue? Edward Harrison has details. Then, Ann Pettifor, director of Prime Economics, debates David Coburn, UKIP European parliament member from Scotland, on EU immigration issues with Edward as moderator.

After the break, Ameera David talks to Steve Hanke about the EU. Hanke believes that if the EU doesn’t get to grips with the immigration issue, the UK won’t be the only country to leave. And in the Big Deal, Edward explains the relationship between short term and long term interest rates.

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