Austrian Economics and the Entrepreneur

by Nathan Bond

Nathan Bond, 30, is an entrepreneur and the cofounder of Rifle Paper Co., based in Winter Park, Florida. Founded in 2009, the company has since expanded worldwide. We recently spoke with Bond about his support for the Mises Institute and how Austrian economics has impacted the way he does business.

THE AUSTRIAN: How did you first discover the Mises Institute?

NATHAN BOND: I believe it was sometime around 2008 following the housing bubble. I was in my early 20s at the time and trying to make sense of the situation, and the Mises Institute as well as fellow travelers in Austrian economic circles seemed to be the only ones who had any truly developed (or at least convincing) work on why booms and busts even happen. From there, I was immediately taken in by how engaging the material was and refreshed to discover an economic methodology that puts the emphasis on human behavior and the choices of individuals rather than a bunch of aggregates.

TA: Why did you decide that the Mises Institute was something you wanted to support?

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