What the Leave Vote Means for Gold Going Forward

by Stefan Wieler
Gold Money


In the Referendum of the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union, 52% voted for leave, causing shockwaves through financial markets and a rally in gold. Using our gold price framework, we look at the impact on the price drivers for gold going forward.

[…] What the leave vote means for gold going forward

Against the latest polls before the referendum, and seemingly against the expectations of the City and financial markets in general, nearly 52% of the UK voters voted to leave the European Union. This has come as a massive shock to the markets, with the GBP down 8.4% at the time of writing (over 10% at some point overnight), and equity and commodity markets crashing. Gold began to rally immediately after the first results revealed that the share of leave voters have been hugely underestimated and has rallied to USD1324/ozt, a 13.6% % gain against the GBP.

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