What Market Manipulators Have in Store for the UK and the World

by Avery B. Goodman
Avery B Goodman

Some advocates of the “One-World-State” ended up deeply shocked in the late night hours of June 24th, as the British people decided to free themselves from the undemocratic rule of the elitists in Brussels. I have no doubt that the market manipulators, who work closely with the elitists, and are often one and the same people, will be doing everything they can to prevent that “Mini-Me” of the One-World-State, more popularly known as the European Union, from collapsing entirely. The actions they will take are almost certainly going to include an attempt to punish the British, economically, for having voted to leave.

In the last few days before the Brexit voting, especially on the day of the vote itself, there was a lot of market manipulation activity. Mainstream media outlets may have refused to publish exit polls, making the outcome a mystery for average voters. However, the big trading banks and their associated hedge funds knew exactly what was going to happen.

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