The U.S. Govt Terrorizes The Masses With Terror Propaganda

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

The horrifyingly tragic mass killing in Orlando was immediately branded as “domestic terrorism,” well before any investigation of the shooter’s background or motive was conducted. This is standard operating procedure in the U.S. anytime bullets fly in a public space. Shortly thereafter “ISIS” issues a statement taking claim for the event. But anytime more than one person gets shot in a public space ISIS seems to be on the phone line immediately with Fox News taking credit.

It’s quite formulaic. Lost in the propaganda, of course, is the now-confirmed fact that the U.S. Government’s Deep State (CIA, NSA, Defense Department, Homeland Security Department) created ISIS in the first place.

Fox News and Fox Business have been featuring a banner all day that proclaims “Terror in Orlando.” How come Charles Manson or Charles Whitman (U of Texas sniper) were never labeled “domestic terrorists?”

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