The Magic Number 7: Brexit Collapse Falls Exactly On Shemitah Date

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

In 2014, Christine Lagarde gave a speech on “the magic number 7.” It, along with work by Jonathan Cahn, led us to the Shemitah seven-year cycle and the Jubilee year, which the globalist elites are well aware of.

What we’ve discovered since is that there is even more to the “magic number 7” than just years… it appears to correlate right down to months, weeks and days.

The last major market crash occurred on September 29, 2008. On that day, the Dow Jones fell 777 points, of all numbers…. its biggest one day point drop ever.

On Friday, in the aftermath of Brexit, the Dow fell over 600 points. What’s interesting about Friday’s date?

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