The Latest Updates from Martin Armstrong – 2016.06.13

by Martin Armstrong
Armstrong Economics

BREXIT Report No Available

BREXIT Polls at 55% – Will the Euro Crash & Burn?

Schäuble Says Europe Needs More Refugees to Prevent Inbreeding

Computer Programming Positions Available in Tampa Florida

Retail Sales of US Equities (Domestic & Foreign) Reaching Historical Low

British EU Protester Cannot Burn EU Flag Because of Regulations

British Royal Mint Selling & Sorting Gold for Pensions

Gold Array & Back-To-Back Directional Changes.

Crime Pays — But Who?

Computer Programming Positions Open in Tampa Florida

European State of the Union Through the Eyes of a 23-Year-Old

Censorship? Manipulating the News?

Week in Review – Markets

Market Talk — June 10, 2016

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