The End Game Started This Weekend – Protect Yourself Now

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s early Monday morning, and I am on fire. I am so disgusted at what the world has become – in such a short period of time – I want to both scream, and cry. Not that I had any new epiphanies about human nature, of the devastating impact bankers and politicians have had on not just my generation; but the “millennials” and “post-millennials” (like my four-year old daughter) as well. However, realizing just how close we are to the irreversible end game of global currency collapse; and all the horrific political, economic, and social ills that will result; is a pretty terrifying thought, no matter how much I have “prepared.”

That said, I did have a very, very, very significant “monetary epiphany” this weekend – as I watch Bitcoin rise to within a few dollars of its “adjusted all-time high” market capitalization, which I am told is roughly $697/coin).

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