The Coming End of the “Third Way” System

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

The Best Thing About the EU is J.C. Juncker’s Alcoholism

We recently discussed the post-Brexit landscape with a friend (in fact, our editor), who bemoaned that “the EU is led by a drunkard”. Our immediate reaction to this was to exclaim: “That’s the best thing about the EU!”

[…] Why do we think so? It makes this overpaid, useless bureaucrat human. Not only that, it clearly raises his entertainment value. As our regular readers know, we have insisted for many years that entertainment value is the by far most important criterion by which a politician’s worth should be judged.

The reason for this is simple: it is nigh impossible to achieve fundamental change by voting. Similar to everybody else, politicians and high-level bureaucrats act first and foremost in their self-interest. A young person deciding to enter politics may well be driven by antiquated notions of “public service”. Such ideas are quickly discarded once a political career actually begins.

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