Still Report #976 – Why Hillary May Not Be Indicted

from Bill Still

lass=”” >There is a new reason why Hillary Clinton may not be indicted by the Justice Department; President Obama would have to testify before a Grand Jury and possibly at a trial.
Judge Jeanine Piro laid it out on Hannity last night:
And there you have it. Do you think President Obama –struggling to salvage any sort of positive legacy for his 2-term presidency –would put himself into a court procedure where he would be in legal ¬¬¬jeopardy for perjury?
On top of that, when would this all happen? It would play out sometime after the Democratic Convention and the election – would be the best-case scenario for Obama. But what if it was delayed until after Trump became president? Then there would be no pardon for Clinton or Obama.
That’s just a complete non-starter, no-win situation for Obama.
But opening this up in a court proceeding opens to scrutiny even more serious problems:
[insert Trojans introduced to Govt systems]
Good Lord! The State Dept’s own System Admins had to turn off security for the Govt computer system!!!
What this means to me is that Hillary was communicating back to the State Dept using her illegal server – which had been hacked repeatedly – and so what happened? It introduced Trojans from her system into State’s system. What a nightmare!

I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.