Still Report #974 – Brexit Stuns the World

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Yesterday, England – once again – has struck a blow for freedom – not just for herself, but for all peoples, everywhere and throughout time.
In the most important vote in European history, Britain has decided to return to being a sovereign, self-governing nation for the first time in 43 years.
An astounding 71.8% of UK voters cast ballots yesterday, and in the end, voted to leave the European Union by a 52 to 48 margin. Prime Minister David Cameron says he will resign before October.
The British Pound fell precipitously against the US Dollar, plunging to a 30-year low of $1.32 in a little over 2 hours as it became apparent that all the pollsters were radically wrong and – in essence – Google Analytics was right at predicting the Brexit outcome.
But no, it won’t be the disaster all the MSM predicted. The Pound is already bouncing back and it will continue to do so in coming weeks. Although we hate to wish anyone ill, George Soros may have given back much of the billion dollars he won shorting the British Pound previously. Here is the action in real time as the New York Stock Exchanged opened this morning. Within a couple of minutes, it dropped 500 points.
However, the first circuit breaker doesn’t even kick in unless the market drops 7% or 1260 points.
UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage, who mistakenly declared defeat shortly after the British polls closed at 10 pm, is now rightly calling for June 23, 2016 to be declared a British national bank holiday and have it formally declared British Independence Day.
We agree wholeheartedly, and although Donald Trump’s sweeping victories in the US Presidential nomination process were a vital part of the worldwide populist revolt against rampaging globalism, it was Britain which was the first nation to make a clear national break to freedom.
How perfectly fitting that within a fortnight, we can heretoforeverafter celebrate both the British and America’s Independence Day.
Perhaps someday soon, France can join the party. Afterall, all three nations fly a red, white and blue flag celebrating their national identities.
In France, National Front leader Marine Le Pen has called for a “Frexit” vote so that France can vote on exiting the EU. A similar push towards freedom can be expected in Italy, and many other current EU members.
This morning, as dawn broke over Scotland, Donald Trump stepped from his helicopter and told the assembled MSM that under a Trump administration, Britain would no longer have to go to President Obama’s timeout place – the back of the line – but would move to the front of the line once again.
God save the Queen. God save Britannia. God bless the USA. Let freedom ring.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.