Still Report #966 – Google Predicts Landslide Win for Brexit Leave

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good news. It looks like Britain is about to put a screeching halt to the invasion.
Google – not exactly a known friend of populism – has predicted a landslide victory for the big Brexit vote tomorrow in the UK – perhaps the most important vote in Europe’s history.
Google made their prediction based on tabulated search traffic between May 31st and June 7th. The results were that of the 326 county boroughs in the UK, 315 favored Leave while only 11 favored Remain.
The new prediction from Google came just hours after a new YouGov survey gave the Leave camp a staggering 7-point lead over Remain – 46 to 39 percent – the largest lead for Brexit since the start of the EU referendum campaign.
This just in: This morning’s Daily Mail – Britain’s 2nd-largest newspaper has just endorsed the Leave vote tomorrow.
Their bold headline reads:
“Lies, Greedy elites. Or a great future outside a broken, dying Europe… If you believe in Britain vote Leave.”
On top of that, a new ICM poll out today shows Leave with a 6-point advantage.
Interestingly, in a massive online poll of 219,000 – which is open to users outside the UK as well – 90% voted for Leave and only 10% voted to Remain.
Leave proponents have for weeks suspected the polls have been slanted to minimize their lead – just as in the US, Trump supporters have seen their candidate consistently out-perform the polls.
According to the British newspaper, “Express”:
“…it appears Britons’ are rejecting David Cameron’s ‘Project Fear’ tactics, which he hoped would scare voters into remaining in the EU.”
For example, Prime Minister Cameron over the weekend threatened that Britain, after a Brexit vote, may not be able to afford to continue to pay pensions. A totally despicable political gambit.
John Mills, chairman of the Labour Leave campaign retorted:
“The British public are now beginning to realise that staying in the EU is bad for working people and their families.

“This poll clearly shows that people do care very deeply about reclaiming our parliamentary sovereignty, rebuilding the NHS from money we will no longer have to hand over to the EU, and stopping open-door EU immigration which has suppressed wages and put so much pressure on our public services.”
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.