Still Report #964 – Farage – EU Project is Doomed

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Nigel Farage, a senior member of the European Parliament and head of Britain’s UKIP party predicts a narrow victory in Thursday’s Brexit vote. According to an interview published yesterday in The Express, Farage said:
“I still think we are going to win because I think those that want to leave have made their minds up and believe in it.”
“Believe me, this project is doomed. [Even] If this proposition gets rejected, we will not be the first country to leave the EU, the Danes or the Swedes or the Dutch will beat us to it.”
“The migrant crisis has divided the north. The euro has ruined the south.”
Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC yesterday was forced to agree with Farage that as long as Britain remains in the EU, no effective limit could be imposed on the migration.
In other words, just as here in the U.S., British wages would continue to plummet.
Vote Leave chairman Gisela Stuart, a Labour MP, agreed that the Remain Campaign has no answers to:
“… how we can control immigration if we stay in the EU.”
“They have no plan for how we will fund the NHS so it can cope with the extra pressures that staying in the EU will create.”
The same pressures will soon become evident as the U.S. health care system rushes headlong towards financial collapse.
A new Survation Poll taken for the betting firm IG, showed that the Remain crowd’s lead has now been cut to a single point – 45% to 44% for the Leave group.
Markets reacted in opposite to yesterday’s huge run-up. At the close, European markets are up cautiously – less than 1%.
Extensive election night television coverage is planned on Thursday. Since Britain is 5 hours ahead, we should know the results of what is probably the most important election in European history between 10 pm and midnight Eastern time.
I’m Still reporting from Washington. Good day.