Still Report #958 – The Truth About the Wet Blanket Over the FBI

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Megyn Kelly is back to doing some good work. I mean, I wouldn’t trust her with my credit card, but she’s back to trying to be a good reporter. Don’t believe it, check this out.
James Kallstrom was Asst. Director of the FBI office in New York. Kallstrom has in the past humiliated himself as the man at the center of the cover-up of the shoot down of TWA Flight 800 on July 17, 1996.
The cover-up of the real cause for the crash is maintained to this day in its Wikipedia entry. However the true story can be found here:

I understand why Kallstrom supported the bogus fuel tank explosion story then – and even why he feels that he must maintain it today. I don’t agree with it, but I understand it – but that’s another story.
However, 20 years later – in today’s world – Kallstrom knows what he’s talking about as he gingerly tip toes into the forbidden world of explaining President Obama’s profound influence over even the way this nation’s premier police agency – the FBI – goes about its business.
And there you go. Under Obama, the FBI’s reputation has now been forever besmirched because it – along with most – if not all – other agencies of the federal government have now become political tools to be used to pursue one president’s view of how America should be remolded.
Absolutely disgraceful. History may well view this as nothing less than a 5th column working to destroy the very basis of American freedom – equal justice under the rule of law.
But if we do come out from under this sad chapter in American history in November, we absolutely need Congress to strengthen the independence of the FBI from usurpations of power from the Executive Branch.
What an astounding statement that must still be ringing in the ears of Washington, Madison, Jefferson, and Lincoln. The head of the FBI is scared – yes scared – to talk about the influence Obama has over the independence of the FBI.

This doesn’t bode well for charging the former Secretary of State with 2000 counts of felonious mis-handling of classified materials, does it.
Hmmm, like the way you failed to level with the American people about TWA flight 800, Jim?
No, the truth is – you bowed to political pressure then, just as Director Comey may be doing today. In fact, our only hope for saving America is that Director Comey is saving up his political capital to be used in one final blast of the truth in regards to Hillary Clinton.
Barring that, our only remaining hope will be in God.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.