Still Report #957 – Congress Votes to Allow Illegals to Join Military

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Undocumented Illegal aliens can now join the U.S. military and after a single day in a war zone be granted full rights as a U.S. citizen thanks to a vote in Congress last week.
All the Democrat members of the U.S. House of Representatives had to vote for it – PLUS 30 Republicans as well to get it passed through Congress.
In the end every single Republican vote was essential because the measure passed by a one vote margin – 210 to 211.
The program Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest – or MAVNI, originally was created to help the Pentagon recruit foreigners legally in the county for jobs requiring language or cultural skills. The program was then expanded to allow medical professional in.
According to Rep. Paul Gosar – a Republican from Arizona:
“The MAVNI program allows citizenship to be granted to any enlistee, who serves one day of wartime service,” he said. “MAVNI was never intended to be utilized for the benefit of illegal aliens.”
It is suspicious to me that at a time that the Pentagon is being forced to cut American military personnel due to budget cuts, that they are being forced to take in totally undocumented illegal aliens into the services.
How are the DOD clearing agencies going to handle security clearances when an undocumented person has no history to investigate? Are they going to give them a SECRET clearance and just hope for the best? That would be totally insane!
Here is the list of 30 Republican House members that voted to make this the law of the land:
Amodei; Chaffetz; Coffman; Costello (PA); Curbelo (FL); Davis (Rodney); Denham; Dent; Diaz-Balart; Dold; Donovan; Hardy; King (NY); Kinzinger (IL); LoBiondo; MacArthur; McSally; Meehan; Newhouse; Pearce; Poe (TX); Reichert; Los-Lehtinen; Royce; Simpson; Smith (NJ); Stefanik; Upton; Valadao; and Zinke.
However, equally guilty are the six Republicans who chose not to vote: Brat; Fincher; Forbes; Hanna; Heck (NV); and Herrera Beutler,
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.