Still Report #953 – Obama Flooding Rural Towns With Illegals

from Bill Still

lass=”” >First an update on the gold dollar sign problem. It’s back. YouTube hit our previous report – SR 953 – ISIS Training Camp in Mexico Near El Paso – with the “not advertiser friendly” gold dollar sign which means no ad revenue.
If we have to go without ad income until Jan. 20 when Trump takes over, we will. But today, we’ll try calling YouTube and see if we can’t get the gold dollar lifted from SR 953.
Watchman-on-the-wall is the main job of a reporter, and I’m not going to be the one who sidesteps that responsibility.
Their greatest weapon is to silence the media from reporting on the magnitude of the problem.
Most of the MSM is happily complying. Applying silent economic sanctions — like stopping ad revenue generation — is the best way to apply pressure to those of us who would keep telling the truth. The longer they can keep the magnitude of this invasion quiet, the more swiftly their goals will be achieved.
Where is Congress? Bought and sold! Nothing effective will come out of our legislature until a pro-American president gets into the White House and starts the healing process. Even individual FBI agents are now afraid to tell the truth – at least for the remaining 6 months. They are just trying to hold onto their jobs until this is over.
It’s not the Latino illegals that are the biggest problem.
They are hard working and they will mostly assimilate because they are basically Catholics at their roots. I call on the legal Latino population to stand up and oppose this. Your voice counts for 10 right now. And it is your friends and relatives who will be impacted by this the most.
I also call on all patriotic reporters across this nation to hone in on this story. If not for yourselves, for your children. This is not a wild conspiracy theory – it is a fact.
For example, there are three additional stories on the topic just this morning. The first comes from the junior United States Senator from the great state of Alabama, Jeff Sessions.
Yesterday, Sen. Sessions said that the people of his state feel like President Obama is a dictator because he announced plans to ship 2,000 more illegals into his state. These are undocumented immigrants seized in Texas and Arizona for whom the citizens of Alabama will have to pay welfare benefits for months or even years into the future.
According to reporter Paul Bedard – and by the way, I’m only going to call out the names of real reporters from this point on – according to reporter Paul Bedard, writing in the Washington Examiner, Sen. Sessions told him that his constituents:
“…feel like this is a dictator from Washington who will not listen to the people’s concerns and they are very concerned about it.”

Most of the available housing has been taken already by the immigrant influx – even in rural America. Sessions says that now the Obama administration is considering housing them on vacant land on military bases – no doubt tent cities.
So if push comes to shove in the near future, that means that Trump’s Trojan horses would already be inside the fenced-in areas of the nation’s military bases. What could possibly go wrong there?
Sessions continued:
“What’s happening in Alabama is happening … around the country and it is the result of [an] idiotic policy [that] cannot [ever] work, that’s encouraging more people to come illegally, and then we treat them, we house them, we feed them for months….”

“As long as you prolong this, the costs are incredible…. Hopefully with a strong president … people will stop coming….”
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.