Still Report #951 – You Tube Reverses Economic Blacklisting

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Every once in a while we get to have a victory, and yesterday was such a day. Within a few hours of putting up SR 947 – YouTube Begins Economic Blacklisting, suddenly, they reversed themselves and the dreaded golden dollar signs disappeared and were replaced with the nice green ones.
Of course, they didn’t offer to replace the income lost from the blacklisting, however, we are happy with the result. So now, even SR 898 – First Superbug Found Resistant to All Antibiotics”, has been deemed to be “advertiser friendly”.
Unfortunately, this will not be the last time we butt heads with Silicon Valley owned-and-operated social media. They have bought into the self-destructive one-world philosophy that is now destroying Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and the UK.
They sincerely believe that nationalism is the cause of wars and therefore if they can only destroy the historic diversity of the nation state – then, and only then – can they create a world where human kind can live in a world of peace and plenty.
The main problem with this theory is that the price of their one-world government is a socialist dictatorship where real citizen input to self-governance is destroyed, to be replaced with an autocracy of oligarchs.
And that’s the best-case scenario for the Western world.
While we fight over democracy or one-world governance, the third player is now moving swiftly to gain a demographic hegemony that will render all the rest of it moot and enslave the other two in an iron-clad theocracy under Sharia.
[insert jihadists]
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.