So It Has Now Been A Week, And….

by Karl Denninger

the following is quite clear.

  • The cops will not protect you. It is not their job, despite your belief that it is and their slogans on their cars. The police sat outside Pulse for three hours after knowing there was an active shooter inside. He was obviously still shooting at that point because when they did breach the wall he came out firing (and was killed) and as such it is essentially a certainty that some of the people who died could have lived but for the three hour delay at coming in which was an entire voluntary decision on the part of the cops. Whatever hero worship beliefs you may hold toward police officers you had better disabuse yourself of that notion right now because that crap and the public’s “support” of same just got a bunch of people killed. These so-called “police officers” should be getting the upturned middle finger everywhere they go from this day forward for their outrageous cowardice.

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