Meet Mining Guru Gerardo Del Real

by Outsider Club
Outsider Club

Gerardo Del Real is the mining sector expert behind the just-launched advisory service, Resource Stock Digest Premium. Here, we talk with him about his stock selection process — focused on junior mining stocks — and look at one of his initial stock recommendations.

Steve Halpern: Joining us today is Gerardo Del Real, the newest investment expert at the Outsider Club family of financial newsletters and the editor of the new Resource Stock Digest Premium. How are you doing today, Gerardo?

Gerardo Del Real: I’m wonderful, Steven. Thank you very much for having me on.

Steve Halpern: Well, congratulations on the launch and thank you for joining us. As a research specialist, you’ve been advising institutional investors, high net worth individuals, even millionaires. Can you tell our listeners a little about your background and how you came around to launching the new Resource Stock Digest Premium?

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