Markets Roiled as Britain Votes Itself Out of EU

by Clive Maund
The Gold Report

Britain has voted to exit the European Union and its prime minister has resigned in the wake of the Brexit vote. The markets have, so far, reflected the world’s uneasy reaction to the event. But it is early days, says newsletter writer and technical analyst Clive Maund, who offers his views on the day after Brexit.

Woke up to the stunning news this morning that Britain has voted by a narrow but clear majority to leave the European Union (EU). I had feared that the British electorate would be cowed into submission by the barrage of pro-Europe propaganda and scaremongering, like the Scots were at the time of the Scottish independence referendum, but they weren’t—or at least sufficient of them weren’t to assure a positive result.

Nevertheless, 48% still voted to stay in, which shows you how many gullible idiots there are out there—they are either that or in some way they are benefitting from the EU, by getting handouts etc.

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