International Banking & The Future of Money

from GoldMoney

lass=”” >Presented by The Friedberg Economics Institute & Goldmoney Inc.

Money is the bedrock on which functioning economies stand. Stable, reliable currency – serving as both a store of value and providing a liquid medium enabling transactions and commerce – is essential for growing and prospering economies. However, control of governments over money has always presented a challenge, as those with power tend to transform the currency they control into a political tool. The result is the exploding debt, fiscal insolvencies and price and interest rate instability we are witnessing today.

Various approaches to achieve monetary stability have been proposed by economists. However, today technology is enabling fascinating new private solutions in the market place for creating stable and reliable money. Goldmoney and the Friedberg Economics Institute have collaborated in this program to address these issues.

The program includes the former president of the Central Bank of Argentina, the Chief Technology Officer of Israel’s largest bank, and the founder of a cutting-edge new firm offering a new digital currency payment platform based on gold.