Gold is Sending a Dark Sign That ‘Almost Everything Has Changed’ in the Market

Investors need to be paying attention to the move in gold and the US dollar, Raoul Pal and Grant Williams, cofounders of Real Vision Television, both said.

by Julia La Roche
Yahoo! Finance

Gold and the US dollar are no longer behaving normally and it’s crucial that investors pay attention to this move, Raoul Pal and Grant Williams said during a discussion about the Brexit on Real Vision Television—a subscription financial news service they cofounded.

Gold is widely considered a hedge against the US dollar. When the dollar falls in value, gold prices often rise. However, this relationship has been breaking down.

Pal, a former macro fund manager and author of the research letter “The Global Macro Investor,” recently said that a dollar rally along with a gold rally is “a sure sign that almost everything has changed.”

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