Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – The Men Who Sold the World

from Jesse’s Café Américain

Today was a double-header of discouragement in how quickly the pampered plutocrats are dismissing any possible lessons they might have taken from the Brexit.

The Three Stooges Amigos at the North American Leaders Summit, Barry, Pena, and Justin, were talking up free trade, globalization, and the benefits of corporatism for the ignorant masses.

And on the other hand, the profound thinkers of modern finance returned to Aspen today to celebrate the Aspen Art museum, a monument to the nouveau riche with a ‘broad base of community support of one million dollar donations from 28 individuals.’

The interviews with the very serious people there were surreal, almost otherworldly and profoundly discouraging in their lack of understanding of what is happening all around them, and any sense of context and self-examination. Well, that is why people go to Aspen and all the other enclaves of unreality these days.

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