Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Like a Leaf Upon the Water

from Jesse’s Café Américain

[…] I hope to start looking more closely at the markets the week after next, when the next round of hospital visits for various follow on treatments will be at an end. There is almost one every day.

And I am very glad to start catching up on lesser concerns that had been put aside for too long, like some things around the house, the cars, and my teeth. It takes an effort to do it, but when you do get them fixed it can feel very good. lol.

But I certainly will try to pay close attention to the Brexit vote next week on Thursday. I will be surprised if it is not surrounded by the usual shenanigans, in the markets and then some.

There is a great deal of power and money at stake. And the powerful are not shy about what they may be willing to do to hold on to what they believe to be their entitled positions and accustomed privileges. Even if into the abyss.

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