Global Elite Jubilee Plans at Bilderberg Will Drive Bitcoin and Precious Metals Higher

from TheDollarVigilante

lass=”” >Jeff is interviewed by Jay Taylor for Jay Taylor Media. Topics include: a sudden price rise for Bitcoin, a billion dollar invested in Bitcoin businesses in 2015, growing wealth in China coupled with capital controls are fueling the Bitcoin price, the internet is allowing freedom, centralized power is starting to lose control and Bitcoin can help that process, there is no risk that they can take over or end Bitcoin, worldwide taxation schemes, FATCA to drive Bitcoin adoption, Panama Papers a CIA op, debt jubilee, Japan to go through bankruptcy, the collapse of the Eurozone, US dollar collapse, Bitcoin to flourish along with gold and silver, gold is God’s money, Bitgold and Goldmoney, one world government, the US to follow Venezuela, television brainwashing, Jeff’s visit to the Bilderberg meeting in Germany

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