Election 2016: The Court Jester vs. The Wicked Witch

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

And then there were two.

Donald Trump: the Mouth that Roared. Hillary Clinton: the Queen of Mean. It would make a great WWF match-up. Trump is the larger of the two, male, and could crush Clinton with his hair, alone. But Hillary is nastier, more devious, and simply smarter than her oafish opponent. The Court Jester versus the Wicked Witch. For those Americans who believed they would never be given a more inferior choice for their presidency than George Bush Jr. and John Kerry, you stand corrected.

How did it ever happen? This was already the subject of a previous commentary. It wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. Yes, Clinton was supposed to emerge atop the Blue House. She was/is the evil “opponent”, who (most of the time) is supposed to lose in their WWF matches. However, she wasn’t supposed to be head-to-head with Donald Trump, but rather with an even more-inferior boob: Jeb Bush.

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