Brexit to Start Huge Gold Bull Market to $3,000 per Oz in 2016/2017! – Legendary Investor Doug Casey

from VictoryIndependence

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Doug Casey, the legendary Speculator is here to talk gold after we saw the break to $1,300 and the FED failing to raise interest rates in June. This is the top guy to learn from in investing in mining shares and getting 10 to 100 times your money back on gold!

01:35 Gold to $3,000 by 2017; Doug’s Rally Prediction
02:00 Worldwide Monetary Crisis of Historic Proportions
03:40 Invest in Mining Stocks & get 10 or 100x Your Return in Gold
05:00 Doug’s Top High Profit Gold Stock: BRI.v (Brazil Resources)
07:50 Doug’s Upcoming Book & Series ‘Speculator’
08:35 2016 Election: Whoever Wins is Doomed to a Collapsing Economy

Our April 21, 2016 Interview with Casey & Gold Predictions:…