Brexit: The Stalling-and-Maneuvering Begins

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

Many people have likely thought (hoped?) that the Brexit vote would be the end of a chapter. The UK people vote to secede from the EU, and then the UK gets on with its future, as a sovereign nation. Sadly, it is now clear that such sentiments are nothing more than wishful thinking. The Brexit vote was not the “end” of anything. Rather, it was the beginning of some twisted, new melodrama – orchestrated, as usual, by the puppet masters of the One Bank.

First we have the stalling. It began with the oligarchs’ loyal servant, David Cameron. Cameron fell on his sword, immediately after the Brexit vote. The reason for doing this was not political accountability. Amongst our puppet politicians, that is a concept almost as archaic as political ethics. Cameron resigned for one, and only one reason.

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