Brexit Means Much Higher Gold/Silver Prices

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

The elitists’ bid to rig the BREXIT referendum failed. Notwithstanding a continuous flow of propaganda sponsored by the elitist-controlled mainstream media showing that the Remain vote win, the public’s voice in England prevailed.

As I suggested yesterday, the BREXIT pandemonium deflected the public’s attention from the collapsing western economies. The most prominent sign of this is the Fed’s unwillingness to raise interest rates just one-quarter of one percent. Today’s durable goods report showed a 2.2% plunge in durable goods orders during May. A drop of .5% was expected. This 17 months in a row of year over year declines in “core” durable goods orders. Freight shipments represent the “pulse” of an economic system. The Cass Truck Transportation Index is in a literal free-fall.

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