As Fed Struggles With Rates in a Failing Economy, Junior Miners and Bitcoin Bloom

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

The U.S. Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday and signaled it still planned to raise rates twice in 2016, though it said slower economic growth would crimp the pace of monetary policy tightening in future years. The central bank’s decision to stick with its 2016 rate path, however, appeared shakier, with six of its 17 policymakers projecting just one increase this year. – Reuters

We remember late last year that the Fed was confident of raising rates four times in a row. Now at some point in 2016 there may be another tiny hike of 25 basis points But perhaps not.

Many in the alternative media knew better than Janet Yellen, who kept suggesting that the US economy was improving.

Janet Yellen probably received her prestigious position because she is willing to say anything.

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