1945 AP Report Shows Hiroshima Was Firebombed Prior to Claim of Atomic Bombing

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

The memory of the use of the first nuclear bomb that brought the second great global inferno to an end continues to weigh on the collective consciousness despite the passing of more than 71 years since the tragic military intervention that obliterated the civilian population … Because of their massive destructive power, nuclear weapons represent a huge contradiction that surrounds the power of international politics: It is desirable to eliminate them, but their possession carries strength and status. Moreover, it is clear that weapons of mass destruction affirm what specialists have conceptualized as mutually-assured destruction. – Watching America

An AP article published in the Los Angeles Times on Aug 7th, 1945, shows that Hiroshima was subject to an incendiary bomb attack prior to Truman’s announcement of dropping an atomic bomb.

The article itself can be seen on Youtube HERE.

Photos of Hiroshima at the time seem to support a firebombing. For instance, wooden buildings burned but stone structures were left standing.

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