We Are Witnessing the Epic Battle Between Globalists and Sovereign Nations | Rob Kirby

from Reluctant Preppers

lass=”” >1) Treasury Security Buybacks – Is there any real demand for dollars – or Anti-Dollar movement across the globe? a) Chinese alternative trading platforms b) CIPS China Interbank Payment System with SWIFT Memorandum of Understanding c) Exchange Stabilization Fund (EDF) Off-book buying of securities, creating real shortage of bonds in the market to settle.
2) Federal Reserve raising rates or faking to save face and cover the truth? a) Token rate rise was cover to do reverse repos to free up some bonds.
3) Global Trade pacts are about much more than shipping jobs and manufacturing overseas. a) Anti-Worker’s rights b) Anti-Ecology c) Anti-Human d) Anti-Sovereignty of all who sign them e) Surveillance of Ordinary people f) Suppression of Real News
4) New World Order NWO Globalism vs. Sovereign nations a) Greek people reeling against Euro controls b) Tsunami of Islamic immigrants into Europe clearly supported by globalists c) Trump populism i) Like him or not, he’s bucking the power system ii) US Parties and Media worse than the Soviet Politbureau iii) There will be trials, and the New World Order with get their Nuremberg
5) Eurozone breakup in the cards? a) Britain voting whether to exit the Eurozone b) Goldman Sachs guided Longterm Capital – Italy lost their gold, would not have qualified for the Eurozone by Master Treaty Guidelines that locked Britain out, George Soros “broke the bank of England”
6) Gold and Silver breaking out at last, or plenty of room for further suppression to come? a) Not just precious metals- b) Tangibles: storable food, means of protection, tools, machines, real estate, farmland

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