Trump Leads Clinton 41% to 39% in Latest Rasmussen Survey

by Michael Krieger
Liberty Blitzkrieg

Liberty Blitzkrieg readers won’t be the least bit surprised that Donald Trump continues to gain ground against Hillary Clinton in general election polling. As I recently wrote in the piece, Could Trump Beat Clinton in New York? Yes:

I continue to see Hillary Clinton as one of the most overrated political figures in American history, and Donald Trump as one of the most underrated. This is why I think “the experts” are wrong about the outcome of a potential Clinton vs. Trump showdown in the general election.

Hillary’s weaknesses are obvious. I’ve highlighted new shameless transgressions or scandals on these pages virtually every day for several months now. Furthermore, the fact that the grassroots campaign juggernaut known as the Sanders movement seemingly came out of nowhere, proves there’s a huge ideological vacuum on left just asking to be filled in light of Clinton’s neoconservative candidacy.

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