They’re Lying to You About Peak Oil, and Making a Fortune in the Process

by Daily Bell Staff
The Daily Bell

The end of oil as we know it … Oil has crashed. But a short-term drop in the price of oil is nothing compared with the end of demand for oil as we know it. The more extreme scenario is what Bernstein Research is now talking about. Energy analyst Neil Beveridge is out with a new note that explores the question of demand — with a prediction that the end of oil as we know it is coming in 2030. – Business Insider

Oil production was supposed to decline and leave the world in chaos and on the verge of starvation. It never happened though, and we knew it wouldn’t.

The concept was known as Peak Oil, and it was a lie.

Now another lie is coming to the fore: the idea that the West and the world are migrating eagerly toward “renewable resources.”

It is an enforced migration, not a voluntary one.

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