The Fraudulent BLS, vs. The Real PM Bull Market – The Final Showdown

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

It’s Thursday morning – and arrogant though it seems, I cannot wait for tomorrow’s NFP “employment” report. For the 14 years I have been fully invested in Precious Metals, this increasingly fraudulent report – more so, with each passing month of the U.S. empires’ demise – has been a “key attack event” for Precious Metals; a “key support event” for financial assets; and a rallying cry for Washington, Wall Street, and MSM propagandists alike.

However, the rubber is about to hit the road, as the propaganda “can” has been kicked to the wall, with not an inch to progress. Regarding the “nuts and bolts” of the dying American economy’s – the manufacturing sector that is permanently dead and buried – this picture, of 300 idled Union Pacific locomotives in the Arizona desert, tells you all you need to know. As, care of collapsing economic activity – U.S. rail freight is down 12% from a year ago, whilst durable goods and factory orders have declined for 14 and 17 straight months, respectively. Thus, particularly in light of the massive overcapacity financed by six years of zero cost “money,” the trend of expanding layoffs will unquestionably continue, ad infinitum.

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