Still Report #852 – German Muslim Explains the Invasion

from Bill Still

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Good morning . I’m still reporting on the invasion.
In the United States, members of the left are still anxious to characterize those who oppose President Obama’s secret and ongoing Muslim immigration as racist fear-mongering. These are not just plans. It’s happening right now.
The left has got to wake up and soon.
Thankfully, here in the United States, we have the benefit of seeing the results that this racist, fear-mongering argument has had on all of Europe, but Germany in particular.
Why Germany? Because in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has been the most successful of any European leader at duping the German left into believing that opening Germany’s borders to the invasion will result in something good.
The real result? Rapes and all other sorts of violent crimes are skyrocketing. The result? Skyrocketing costs for police and social support agencies. The result? Skyrocketing taxes to pay for it all from a shrinking working population.
There is no doubt; in Germany the invaders are winning as long as the propaganda efforts of the government can manage to suppress the truth.
Now, as the Muslim population balloons in Germany, even the average Muslim is becoming bolder.
You don’t have to be a radical to see the goals of the ongoing invasion rapidly taking place before your very eyes – a complete political takeover of every nation on the planet for Islam.
This is no longer a conspiracy theory. It is fact!
In the coming years, Western civilization will have to either accept the destruction of its legal framework to be replaced by Sharia Law – or they will have to fight.
If the West doesn’t choose to fight, it will have to accept nothing less than complete destruction of its civilization and its social evolution over the last 1,000 years.
Already our freedom to criticize this invasion is being closed down. Social media is already being affected right here in the U.S.
In Germany, citizens’ ability to criticize freely has already been significantly impacted.
I know this is difficult to believe because it’s moving so swiftly now, but this is coming to America – and sooner than later.
If a strong President is not elected THIS cycle – a person who will face this invasion honestly and oppose it with unwavering determination – we will not have a second chance.
I’m telling you, nothing else matters! By the next election cycle, the freedom landscape of the United States will have been forever changed.
Where are our women? Women’s rights will suffer first and suffer the most. All western women will sooner than later have to wear the hijab, or be raped and killed – yes, even here in the U.S.
How women’s groups can in any way still maintain the fiction that Islam can be part of an inclusive, open Western society is beyond comprehension.
Look at Germany. Look at Norway. Look at Sweden. Look at even France.
Politically speaking, you will see rightist politicians win consistently from here on in Europe. But it may already be too late?
There are literally thousands of videos here on YouTube that you can still do a simple search to learn the truth. But at some point, even YouTube will come under sufficient political pressure to start removing these videos as freedom is eclipsed under the new Big Brother regime.
This is THE women’s rights issue of this century! Women’s groups must come out onto the front lines of political discourse right now and start speaking out on this issue – while they still have a chance to do so in a free society. This could easily be the last American presidential election where women will literally be free to speak. Yes, it’s that bad!
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.