Still Report #846 – New Sony Spy Contact Lens Records Video

from Bill Still

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According to today’s edition of the online British newspaper, the Daily Mail, Sony Corp. has just filed patents on new smart contact lenses that feature an embedded, hyper-miniaturized video camera, storage chip, and battery.
The contact lens recording system needs to be worn in only one eye, and doesn’t disturb normal vision. The system is controlled by voluntary blinking.
The unit embeds the camera lens, an antenna for wireless processing, a controller chip, and memory storage all in the outer ring of the contact lens so that vision will be normal.
According to the patent:
“It is known that a time period of usual blinking is usually 0.2 seconds to 0.4 seconds, and therefore it can be said that, in the case where the time period of blinking exceeds 0.5 seconds, the blinking is conscious blinking.”
So, the unit is controlled by voluntary blinking in excess of .5 seconds.
Software automatically erases frames caught during blinking.
The unit can also take photos, correct blurry images and manage auto focus, zooming and aperture controls.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.