Still Report #837 – Cruz Delegates Wavering

from Bill Still

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According to a story in yesterday’s National Review, previously committed Ted Cruz delegates are starting to peel away on their own accord as delegates see the Trump train picking up steam as it rolls downhill now to victory.
In North Dakota, for example, where its 25 delegates to the GOP National convention were — not voted on — not caucused for — but merely selected by the hierarchy of the state Republican party at their convention on April 1st – 18 pro-Ted Cruz delegates were selected.
However, all 25 delegates are officially unbound – that is, they can legally vote for whomever they want on the first and subsequent ballots.
According to Jim Poolman, a North Dakota delegate:
“Donald Trump has gotten a lot of support across the country, and just [last Tuesday], winning five [states] is one heckuva showing.”
Poolman now says he’ll wait to see how the remaining primaries play out before making his decision.
Of the ten delegates contacted by the National Review, half of them have serious reservations about voting for Cruz.
This is typical towards the end of the primaries. Delegates are typically political animals and when they see the Trump Train speeding up downhill towards the convention, there will be a huge number of battlefield conversions. This will insure a 1st ballot Trump victory in July at the National convention.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.