Still Report #836 – Cruz – My Delegates Are Getting Death Threats

from Bill Still

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According to a new desperate-toned fundraising letter from Calgary Ted Cruz, the junior US Senator from Alberta, Canada, his delegates are coming under attack and are in need of a Delegate Defense Fund.
“Violent rallies, verbal assaults, social media intimidation, personal harassment .. and now DEATH THREATS.
“If you don’t support Donald Trump – and you have the guts to speak out against him – you are a prime target of Donald Trump and his henchmen.
“That’s why I’ve asked my campaign to establish a Delegate Defense Fund – and I’m asking you to help me fund it.
“Here’s the simple truth; instead of playing by the rules, Donald Trump and his allies have decided their best path to power is to intimidate opponents and harass our delegates.”
Hmmm, friends, if you are still reading – and believing – this political nonsense from Cruz, let me say this: the entire nation is now calling him Lyin’ Ted – and for a reason. You have to be living in a cult-like information world where you shut out all other forms of input to still believe this guy.
Personally, I don’t care about who his delegates are or where they will be staying, and neither does any other Trump supporter that I know of. None of us are going to risk doing something stupid or illegal to harm a candidacy which has already self-destructed?
No, Mr. Cruz, you can’t stop Donald Trump, no matter how much money Jeb Bush funnels your way. You will play zero role in the Trump presidency.
You will continue to be shunned by your colleagues in the Senate – not because you are good and they are bad, but because your lying and backstabbing and grandstanding knows no bounds.
I sincerely hope that the U.S. Senate removes you from your office for ineligibility, which I understand they can do quite simply.
If you survive that gambit, you will then have to face the voters of Texas in exactly 2 years from now – no doubt in a Senate primary race. At that point you will be defeated by roughly the same percentages you are suffering today – a 3rd-place finisher.
Then, you will be gone, and in another 2 years, as we will be running up to a Trump re-election run, this mighty nation – restored to a great degree from the scourge of 8 long years of Obama – will be asking each other — just what was that crazy guy’s name?
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.