“Rooting for Armageddon”

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

I have a LOT to speak of today, mostly from the heart – as I have never been angrier at the state of the world, and those that have destroyed it for both our generation, and generations to come. To that end, I never would have thought so, but I’m actually rooting for Donald Trump now. As whether his brand of “change” is good or not – and most likely, it won’t be – at least it’s different than the political, economic, and social hells brought to us by the Democrats, Republicans, and others, worldwide, of their ilk.

First, let’s get the ignominy of the past few days’ “trading” out of the way – particularly in response to “analysts” that think markets are anything but Central bank-planned gambling dens. In which, the “house” always wins – but in the process, destroys not only the gamblers, but its own ability to survive.

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