Could The Price Of Silver Really Be Set To Surge 214% In Just 8 Months?

from King World News

After the recent bullish advance in the gold and silver markets, one analyst asks a fascinating question: Could the price of silver really be set to surge 214% in just 8 months?

Analyst David P. out of Europe: “Finally, some extremely good news for silver investors. The MACD-indicator on the silver chart has recently turned to a buy signal for the first time since late 2011 (see 28-year chart below):

[…] Analyst David P. continues: “This is the first time ever the MACD has crossed into a buy signal from such oversold levels. Silver was incredibly oversold in June 1982 (not shown on chart), but the MACD shows a much more oversold condition today — i.e more upside potential from a technical perspective.

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