May Day Mayhem – Discontent on the Continent

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

Europe’s Political Class Under Fire

All over Europe not only religious and national holidays are observed, but also a socialist holiday, which we always thought was a bit strange – and in a way quite telling (as far as we know, there is no holiday celebrating the free market). Traditionally the rank and file comrades tend to gather around their leaders on May Day, waving their party-approved banners and dutifully applauding at the appropriate moments. Not anymeure, as Clouseau would say.

[…] In several European countries the political situation is deteriorating at warp speed lately. We say “deteriorating” not because we commiserate with the establishment figures that have come under pressure, but because the alternatives are usually not exactly appealing either (more on developments on this front in a follow-up post).

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