Market Manipulation Goes Mainstream, as the Powers That Be Turn on Each Other

by Andrew Hoffman
Miles Franklin

The war for $1,300/oz – which gold, aside from a Cartel-capped blip 16 months ago – hasn’t traded at for nearly two years – is ON! The Cartel, fresh from having lost its 2½ month battle to defend its previous “line in the sand” at $1,250/oz – having taken their naked “commercial” short position to nearly a record high in the process – is sucking wind big time. Let alone in silver; in which their short position is literally at an all-time high, as they try to figure out whether their next “battle of the bulge” should be fought at $17.50 or $18.00. This, with the entire world collapsing around them – from economic activity; to commodity prices; Central bank credibility; political and social stability; and the ability to control the historical “monetary barometers,” gold and silver.

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