M. King Hubbert: The Limits To Oil

Inside the mind of the father of Peak Oil

by Adam Taggart
Chris Martenson’s Peak Prosperity

M. King Hubbert did more to raise awareness of the finite nature of global oil reserves than any other person, living or dead. He was a larger-than-life figure, who fought tirelessly to insert the limits of nature into the national dialog regarding the strategic use of resources. Yet surprisingly little has been publicly documented about the man, even though we are hurdling ever faster into a future shaped by the very limits he warned about.

In today’s podcast, Chris talks with Mason Inman about his new book The Oracle Of Oil, the first in-depth biography of M. King Hubbert, to learn more about the genesis of the Peak Oil theory:

Hubbert was in a much higher position within the oil industry than I had realized. He was Head of Research at Shell Oil with the research for exploration and production of oil. At the time — this was in the 40’s through the 60’s when he was there — Shell’s lab was the most advanced in the industry, so he was really a leader within the industry.

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