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lass=”” >Legendary silver markets guru David Morgan, widely sought-after speaker, author and consultant to investment funds and tier-1 investors, visits you here on to lay out the startling fundamental facts about the relative scarcity of investable silver vs. gold, and gives his expert insight on recent movement in precious metals markets for your awareness and benefit as you plan whether NOW is the right time for you to start acquiring real money, or add to your existing holdings in the face of the clear and present risks to your family’s financial well-being.

In This Interview:
Have we seen the confirmation signal from silver to verify gold’s dramatic move in Q1?

Have the precious metals markets put in a solid bottom?

Are they headed up from here, or a correction first?

Why the currency markets are the bankers’ last vestige of hope.

Are precious metals the last reliable safe haven as the world’s population awakens

Silver:Gold ratio out of the ground approx 9:1
Highest historical ratio was 12:1 in 13th century, natural ratio held same as monetary ratio until 20th century when

All Gold ever mined approx 6 bilion oz.
All silver ever mined approx 60 billion oz.
Lost silver (landfilled, etc) 1/2 = 30 billion oz.
Industrially consumed silver (window films, artwork, cell phones, etc..) hard to recover, so not available for investment.
= 1 billion oz of available investment grade silver
+ 1 billion oz commercial silver bars
5 billion oz of available investment grade gold

Is this a good time to start accumulating silver and gold?

How can someone start small and accumulate physical silver on a monthly basis?

What is a “permanent portfolio” as advocated by Harry Browne, and does that indicate now is a good time to move money from stocks into precious metals?

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