Incrementum Advisory Board Meeting, Q2 2016

by Pater Tenebrarum
Acting Man

A New Bull Market in Gold?

On April 10, the Incrementum Fund’s advisory board held its quarterly meeting. Two of the regulars (Zac Bharucha and Rahim Taghizadegan) were unable to attend this time, but we were joined by special guest Brent Johnson, the CEO of Santiago Capital. The transcript of the meeting with all charts can be downloaded further below.

[…] As indicated above, the main (but not the only) topic of the discussion was gold. This was an obvious choice in light of the strong rebound in gold and silver and the scorching performance of gold mining stocks in Q1.

In the Q1 meeting on January 10, a fairly strong consensus had developed that it was still a good idea to go long gold and gold mining stocks – in spite of the drawn-out bottoming process trying everybody’s patience. As is often the case, the fact that this process had created a lot of uncertainty and bearish sentiment in the market turned out to be a good sign.

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