I’m with Stan Druckenmiller — Gold Has Every Reason to Rise

Negative interest rates, the Fed’s quantitative easing and a race to devalue global currencies are bullish for gold

by Cody Willard
Market Watch

I’ve met hedge fund manager Stan Druckenmiller a couple times, the first time about 15 years ago when he spoke at a Robin Hood charity event.

He’s made billions of dollars investing money for George Soros and his own clients in the hedge fund he ran for 20 years. I ran across his name over the weekend, as some of you might have, in must-read articles after his appearance at the annual Sohn Conference in New York.

Druckenmiller was wildly bullish on gold and bearish on the stock market. He also was concerned about corporate debt and the Fed’s endless easy-money policies.

My own analysis and writings reflect much of what Druckenmiller is talking about with gold, stocks, the U.S. Federal Reserve, corporate debt/financial engineering.

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