I’m Starting to Think the CIA Developed Bitcoin… But I Still Love It

by Jeff Berwick
Dollar Vigilante

After being one of the biggest cheerleaders of bitcoin for the last five years what I am about to say may shock some people. In fact, as I began to connect the dots, I shocked myself.

I have been a defender of bitcoin as being a product of the free market since nearly day one. My main line of reasoning was this: Bitcoin was such an innovation that there was no way that soulless robotic drones, of the like who often work for “intelligence” agencies, like the CIA, could have come up with it on their own.

I still lean towards that line of reasoning but evidence is beginning to come out that leads me to believe there may have been some involvement from “intelligence” agencies… or, at the very least, there certainly is now.

This epiphany came to me just this week when Gavin Andresen set the media world on fire after he posted an online message explaining that Craig Steven Wright was actually the founder of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

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