Give Me Facts or at Least Logical Opinions

Bob Moriarty of 321Gold busts the myth of a Comex bank and examines the role of small speculators in commodities markets.

by Bob Moriarty
The Gold Report

Better yet, give me both.

I will post anything that is factually correct or the opinions are logical. That is, if it might be valuable to my readers. The best of all worlds would be where logical opinions are backed up with facts. The worst of all worlds is when a piece is filled with disinformation and utterly lacking in any logic. There are a lot of those around.

I’m like all readers; I will read through a piece until I gag. Then I stop and find something else to peruse. Today I opened my email and saw a piece talking about the Comex open interest. I managed to make it about a third of a way into the first sentence before I grabbed a big spoon and headed to the toilet for a little secession of “gag me with a spoon.” The author started his piece with some rambling about defending long held short positions by the “Comex Banks.”

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