Fantastic Lies: A Great Documentary on the Duke Lacrosse Scandal

by Gary North

ESPN has produced 30 documentaries for its 30th anniversary. Fantastic Lies is one of them.

Over 25 years before the scandal, I lived in Durham. I used Duke University’s marvelous library — the finest open stacks library I have ever used. I liked Durham. But the city was divided: town vs. gown, white vs. black. The lacrosse scandal of 2006 brought these divisions into full public view.

The scandal called forth an army of outraged liberals, all ready to condemn a bunch of jocks who had poor judgment and a love of beer and raunchy parties.

It was a battle of moral losers. Sorry, but that’s what it was: liberal journalists, liberal college administrators, a corrupt District Attorney, white jocks who liked black strippers, a corrupt cop, and Jesse Jackson.

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